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Genetic Vaccination - A Trojan Horse, created by “Big Pharma”

May 1

For quite a number of years the use of aluminum as adjuvants in vaccines has been a controversial issue. For decades, revolving door connections between industry and authorities (1) made sure that these aluminum salts were not removed from vaccines. However, behind the scenes, industry research was under way to find an alternative way of producing vaccines without the help of aluminum. An alternative was indeed found: Genetic vaccines with genetically modified viruses - the newest creation of vaccine manufacturing.

For quite a number of years mercury (Thimerosal) was also controversial. Fortunately due to the efforts of USA Congressman Dan Burton, whose grandchild developed Autism from vaccines, mercury was removed from 15 childhood mandated vaccines. However, vaccines exported to Africa did contain mercury and may still contain mercury.

In an effort to prevent the Autism rates from going down, thereby pointing the finger at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) for approving the neurotoxin, mercury in those 15 childhood vaccines, the CDC suddenly started to promote the Influenza vaccine. This vaccine contains 50 mcgs. of mercury. Moreover, in collusion with World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC created a faux H1N1 pandemic in 2009 to ensure mass use of the flu shot with mercury. There was a 4,250% increase in miscarriages and stillbirths associated with the flu shot recommended for pregnant women (19). The CDC subsequently covered up these morbid statistics. And more egregious, despite the adverse events of the flu shot on pregnant women, the CDC continues to recommend 4 vaccine doses for pregnant women, the flu shot, and the TDaP.

Pandemix, a vaccine against swine flu, still contains mercury. Moreover, most vaccines made with dead or attenuated viruses contain aluminum salts. Aluminum’s presence ensures a higher immune response and renders the vaccine more apparently (emphasis added) “effective” but unfortunately more deadly.

During the times of the swine flu and the “blue tongue disease“ of animals, and also during the Gulf Wars, a new adjuvant was tested, using soldiers as guinea pigs,: Squalene for mankind, Saponine for animals. The price for this experiment on the public was massive amounts of adverse effects including lifelong debility and death. (see Scott Miller’s documentary “Direct Order”). Narcolepsy, Guillan Barre Syndrome (GBS) and Gulf War syndrome for mankind, miscarriages and blood sweating for animals. The adverse events were so terrible, that it was decided that Squalene and Saponine could not be used as substitutes for aluminum in vaccines. Hence, the research continued.

Genetic vaccination (vector vaccines)

By the end of October 2014, the first tests on Ebola vaccines were conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland. Around 180 volunteers agreed to be injected with this untested Ebola vaccine. These vaccines have hardly anything in common with the vaccines used up to this point because they are genetically engineered. “Genetic vaccines“, also known as “vector vaccines“, are produced using a totally new manufacturing process. An article (3) in the German Physician’s Magazine states, that “some 180 healthy subjects will be inoculated with a vaccine containing a genetically altered adenovirus, which is used as a ferry (transport) tool