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The history of vaccination is a history of collateral damage. The German documentary “Wir Impfen Nicht!"- "WE DON'T VACCINATE!” was produced by the German freelance journalist Michael Leitner. It demonstrates by means of official documents and statistics that no vaccination has ever had a positive, protective effect.

It may be hard to believe for most people, that every single claim on the multiple “benefits” of vaccination is based on an extremely selective perception of reality. Unfortunately, the truth - and not only concerning vaccines and other aspects of medicine - is often horrific and can be quite shocking when faced with it for the first time.

WE DON'T VACCINATE investigates the claims made by doctors, multinational corporations or health officials, who promote vaccination as a safe and effective preventive medical intervention.

Vaccination started over 200 years ago, in 1796, but it wasn't until the 20th century that the number of childhood vaccines escalated to the point of absurdity - even though even by that time there was still no scientific evidence to show that vaccines had any protective effect. In fact, the official government infectious disease statistics from the USA, Germany, Austria, England and Wales featured in Michael Leitner's documentary clearly show that vaccines have never protected anyone or saved anyone's life!.

In Germany especially, but also in some other countries, the people suffered great deprivation during the two world wars. A huge part of Germany's infrastructure was destroyed and there was hunger, a lack of hygiene, of intact houses and clean drinking water. During the last years of WW II, infectious diseases increased dramatically and when the living conditions improved, the epidemics decreased as much and in as short a time as it had taken them to appear. This happened before the people again began to be vaccinated in the 1950s, which also proved to be pointless.

The vaccine manufacturers have never been asked to provide proof of a protective effect for any vaccine. The production and presence of antibodies following a vaccination has been deemed the only proof effectiveness needed. Such antibodies are however produced unnaturally, in response to highly toxic vaccine additives such as aluminum salts, so they have nothing to do with immunity from the diseases vaccines are used against. In fact, these salts destroy cells in the body, including nerve and brain cells. This causes the body's immune functions to go into survival mode. In some people, this state of alarm becomes chronic, giving rise to allergies, asthma, eczema, multiple sklerosis and other immune disorders. Not surprisingly, there has been a dramatic, unprecedented increase in immune dysfunction over the past four decades.

Vaccines, and in particular vaccine adjuvants, are very dangerous, especially for babies: After birth, they have nearly no immunity on their own. Virtually everything they need for challenging diseases, they receive from their mother's breast. Because of an infant's lack of an immune response, vaccines for children are designed to operate by means of brute chemical force. This is the only chance, a vaccine has: Needless to say, forcing an immune reaction from an infant by using aluminum salts is a dangerous and harmful practice.

The sextuple “Infanrix Hexa” vaccine for infants contains, in relation to body weight, 23 times more aluminum, than a vaccine for adults. And the single vaccines, used in the USA, contain amounts of aluminum which are just as harmful. This is why the chronic diseases in children like autism, allergies, AHDH and the susceptibility to infections began to explode when the number of vaccinations given to infants in their first year of live began to rise in the 1970s. In Germany e.g., there has been a six-fold increase in the number of vaccinations administered to babies in their first year of life, in the last four decades.

Even if vaccines were effective in providing protection against diseases, the price our children paid for this benefit would be far too great. Medical authorities seem to fight an all-out war against germs and diseases without a proper understanding of the factors governing health and diseases. Profits and the promotion of ill-health appear to be the main motivating factors behind the push for vaccinations.

In “WE DON'T VACCINATE” whistle blower Dr. med. Klaus Hartmann, former vaccine scientist at Germany's Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, reports how such institutions cover up the harm vaccines Even if a vaccine is under strong suspicion of causing injuries and deaths in many children, as with the vaccine "Hexavac", the vaccine is not withdrawn.

Dr. Hartmann also exposes the tricks used when a vaccine is tested in a clinical trial in order to get the desired results. Around 15% of infants in the general population suffer severe reactions to aluminum salts. To prevent the trials from leading to unwanted results, those children are excluded from them, even before the trials begin. In other words, whenever a child shows a severe reaction to any vaccine or one of the ingredients, it is excluded from the trial. This leads to “trials” which show no dramatic and only very few adverse reactions. This way, they manage to get the vaccine licensed even though when the vaccine is later widely used in the general population, a substantial number of children suffer severe reactions, especially children who havea low tolerance towards aluminum salts.

The people in Third World countries suffer from the same conditions of life which challenged the developed nations decades ago: poverty, hunger, contaminated water, living inqualid accommodation. And what does the WHO do? They force vaccination programmes! But can the consequences of living in pitiful conditions, leading to a variety of diseases, really be eliminated by highly toxic vaccines?

The vaccine industry is engaged in a form of global organised crime dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. Just remember the swine flu: a generally harmless “new virus”, whose existence has never been scientifically proven was promoted as a global pandemic. The WHO changed the conditions for the highest level of pandemic alarm in a way, that even a sniff crossing a single border fulfilled the conditions for world- wide and highest pandemic alarm. As a result, the WHO-affiliated countries were obliged to order useless and dangerous drugs such as Tamiflu and swine flu vaccines worth billions of dollars.

Today, infectious diseases today are mainly spread by mass media. This awful truth is unfortunately not limited to vaccinations. People are controlled by mass media-promoted fear and are then offered the means to salvation in the form of toxic drugs and vaccines. Aldous Huxley would be amazed to find that today's reality exceeds the brainwashing he described in his book “Brave New World” he wrote over six decades ago.

“WE DON'T VACCINATE” is a plea for protecting children from harm. The vaccine industry's goal is to maximise profits. A wide customer base and customer loyalty plays an important role in this. Children, whose immune system is chronically irritated by the aluminum salts or whose brain development has been disrupted by them will be life-long, regular customers of the medical-pharmaceutical industry, their natural immunity having been replaced by a need for antibiotics, asthma inhalers and other medical treatments and pharmaceutical products. By contrast, children brought up in a natural way hardly ever if at all need to visit a doctor or be given drugs - a nightmare for the pharmaceutical industry.and their shareholders!

The documentary WE DON'T VACCINATE is, maybe a little between the lines, also a plea for self-responsibility: The children of today are the adult of tomorrow. It is up to us to decide whether we are going to bring up healthy children who will be self-reliant and centered adults who determine their future or whether we raise sick and mentally impaired children who as adults will be self-determined or able to lead independent lives or to find a way out of the mess and institutionalised insanity humanity currently finds itself in.